Labor Archives of

Makariv district of

Kyiv regiond



Melnichenko Mukola Oleksandrovich


April 1, 2009 order of the Makarivskiy District Council № 10 to head the Institution assigned Melnichenko Mykola Alexandrovich.

1976, Kyiv Automobile and Road Institute, Mechanical Engineer.

Organized activities of the Institution, personally responsible for the performance of Institution tasks, distributes responsibilities between workers and controls their execution, decides in accordance with the law the issue of access of employees of enterprises, institutions and organizations - recruitment sources, other documents, which are kept , holds reception of citizens consider applications, which are the responsibility of the Institution.

Moiseenko Nadiya Muhaylivna


appointed as accountant by order № 2 head of municipal institutions from 24.11.2005

1993, Ukrainian State Agrarian University agricultural scientist, 1995, Postgraduate Institute of managers and specialists of agricultural function complex, economist-accountant.

Provides accounting in the Office, together with the archives staff takes revenues of funds from sources of recruitment; involved in fulfillment.